Seconds to Disaster

Seconds to Disaster

Written in a non technical manner by industry professionals.

As with the Air France Flight 447 tragedy, much of the time air crashes are a confluence of events; a cascade of bad luck, bad decisions, inappropriate airline company policy, the failure of aviation regulators, and  sometimes insufficient training, or various combinations of all five.

But why?

Seconds to Disaster will demonstrate that part of that bad luck is often aided by the airline industry’s own endless and aggressive pursuit of bottom-line profit. It contributes to a creeping erosion of safety standards and puts both passenger and crew lives at serious risk.

Seconds to Disaster will not only pose and answer questions as to why accidents happen, but also offer solutions as to how they can be further prevented.

And it will explore a highly contentious issue: what parts do both the airline industry and the worldwide watchdog authorities responsible for governing that industry contribute in playing dice with passenger lives, through negligence and collusion.

Glenn Meade is a bestselling author with over 12 million books sold. He has worked as a specialist in the field of pilot training–having had a life-long interest in aviation–and has also been a journalist for the Irish Times and the Independent.

Ray Ronan, a Captain on the A320 series, now flying the A330, is a novelist and non-fiction writer.

Information is power, be informed, get a copy of Seconds To Disaster now.

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