Molding Men

Molding Men

An ancient enemy. A debt. For a life..

He does not record history, he creates it.

Austria 1907. An occult sect raised a swastika flag above Castle Burg Werfenstein and called on the ‘New Man’ to come.

He answered the call.

Germany 1942. In a war torn country gripped by an iron fist, Terrell Engels’ family are fighting to survive the spiraling insanity. And then arrives the real danger, an entity, darker than the mighty armies intent on slaughter, fiercer than the Gestapo or Secret Police.

That danger is Historian.

In the fog of war, everyone needs something and Historian can provide. A creature who’s journeyed through the ages manipulating history, his motives are driven by one need.

From the lowest levels of society to the Fuhrer himself, none can escape when they are in his debt.

Journey with to war torn Dresden. Buy Molding Men today.

Reader Comments

  • Outstanding Book… Absolutely one of the most interesting books I have ever read

    M. Colvin
  • One of the best descriptions ever of average Germans in WW2

    Douglas Brown
  • Brilliant! Molding Men is a paranormal thriller set in WWll Germany

    Book fanatic
  • A winner from page 1

    V. Williams