Nowhere To Hide...

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Psychic. Captured. Feared.

The children of Whitemarsh Hall are the next step in human evolution.

Natalie has lived in a shadow for ten years. But no longer.
She was a Psi-Spy in a facility ran under the guise of an orphanage. Using a mind technique called Remote Viewing, from a thousand miles away she could ‘see’ in her mind’s eye, secrets she she should not have and ultimately opened doors which should have remained closed for a thousand more years.
For fear of exposure, with an experiment out of control, the project is shut down.
In one foul night of murder, the surviving children escape, disperse. They remain in isolated and lonely solitude, their only aim, survival.

“Never use your skills or they will find you and kill you. Live alone, live low and live long” is Michael’s departing mantra. Ten years later, Natalie is discovered and attacked. The time for isolation is over.

She must now find Michael and convince him the only safety is in unity. The only future is together. And perhaps together they can save more than themselves, they can save the others and find out who they are. And why they are.

"Well done. The writing is sharp and the story ..." - Marc Eliot, New York Times Bestselling Author. Biographer, Cary Grant, John Wayne, The Eagles and more.

"A new name in thrillers!" - Glenn Meade, International Best Selling Thriller Author.