Bombay Blood by Ray Ronan

Latest Thriller Lynn Clarke Series Book 1




Glenn Meade, International author‘Ray Ronan….a new name in thrillers….Bombay Blood is truly scary.’
Lynn Clarke is Special Agent in Charge on the Presidential Protective Detail, trusted to put her life on the line to protect the world’s most powerful man.

That same President is supporting legislation to protect the new and powerful human organ trading industry from any challenge…an industry increasingly dominated by Zarus and its blood lusting CEO, Byron Ferdman.

Clarke, forced into pre-selling her organs, immediately finds herself sucked into a system that wants to eviscerate her. From the streets of Guatemala to the United States Supreme Court, where win or lose could affect the fate of countless citizens in America, exposing all to a precedent, allowing the doctors to take her, Lynn Clarke, piece by piece.

Other forces are working to isolate, discredit and ultimately harvest her for that rarest commodity… Bombay Blood.



I wrote this book over a number of years, meeting with curators from the US Supreme Court, talking with current and ex members of the Secret Service and topping it all with a fascinating read of In The President’s Secret Service, a fascinating book by Ronald Kessler. He has now written another book, The First Family Detail, which is another inside look at the Secret Service and the people they have vowed to protect. An unwelcome job at times it seems, but someone has to do it!

Lynn Clarke’s character was originally portrayed as a male part but my feminine side was turning up its eyes and looking pissed, so I relented. It worked. Clarke is certainly no push over in the early pages, is respected by her long term colleagues if not her superiors. But, you guessed it, she’s ready to rip your head off by the last part of her story. Dare you read that far?

I’m sure you will.

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