Stories with a hint of the paranormal by an author who likes the unusual.

Hitchcock said the trick to suspense was not just about placing a ticking bomb under a table, the suspense came by not ever letting the bomb go off. I hope I’ve managed to follow his advice!

Writing and reading is an adventure best shared and that’s with you dear reader. Some writers put out a book in 3 months. I don’t, neither does my co-author Glenn Meade. Like him, I take a year or more. I love to melt fact and fiction, history and present. That takes time and research, which I enjoy. Follow my books across a city, or through a house like Whitemarsh Hall.

I want to reach out to readers who enjoy the same places and bomb ticking situations I do.

Life has given me a deep well from which to hydrate my writing. Come with me, read on and see where it takes us…