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Dear reader,

I write books not only on my own but I’m lucky enough to collaborate with well-known authors, such as Glenn Meade.

I fly big jets which means when I have my flying hat on everything is calculated and conforming. However, when the creative hat rules on the ground, in New York to San Francisco, Chicago or Dublin, Ireland, then all cards are on the table. I’ve travelled most corners of this earth, seen, heard and experienced enough to fill more books than I could possibly produce.

I create stories I would like to read myself. How and where the ideas come from, how a book comes together I’ll reveal in personal emails to you in my readers club. My writing and your reading is an adventure best shared.

I love hearing from readers like you and lets me know I’m not alone in this mad pursuit of great stories and helps shape future books. So talk to me through a book review, or sign up to hear from me.

Life has given me a deep well from which to draw these accounts. Come with me, read on and see where it takes us…

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