Bombay BloodA global threat. A corrupt system. A woman torn between duty and her own survival…
Molding MenThe Engels are caught up in a spiral of insanity. While the Nazi party tear apart the family, Germany and Europe, one man is out to profit from the misery, […]
Seconds to DisasterA revealing look at the underbelly of the aviation world. “Everyone Who Flies, Or Loves Someone Who Flies Should Read This” Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, Miracle On The Hudson.

What Readers Say

  • Bombay Blood Is Truly Scary

    Glenn Meade
    International Thriller Bestseller
  • The writing is sharp and the story grabs you. A new voice to contend with

    Marc Eliot
    Author of NY Times biographies
  • I don’t often award 5 star ratings, but Bombay Blood certainly deserved it

    John Schembra
    Award Winning Author
  • A medical-political thriller…and it really is a thriller

    Bruce Miles
  • Bloody Good Thriller

    Douglas Winslow Cooper
  • It reads like nonfiction – chilling

    Charles A. Ray
  • Great medical thriller with a vibrant female protagonist

    Carl R D'Agostino
  • WOW WOW WOW… I thoroughly enjoyed this novel!

    Diana M. Hockley